What: A wood-fired pot-luck pizza dinner and party for good friends, and to welcome our long-time French friends Bernard, CĂ©line, and Julie during their visit to Ukiah.

When: Tuesday, August 19th--6 p.m. (pizza oven ready at 7 p.m.)

Where: Home of Cyndi and Kent (click for map here)

What to bring: Pizza Toppings (see below for possibilities)

We will provide before-dinner snacks, home-made pizza dough, the red sauce, shredded mozzarella, and beverages.

RSVP: Send an email to Kent indicating what you will bring, and if you need gluten free dough (see intructions and blue link below).

Pot-Luck Items to Bring and Share: Choose from the list below (or add your own choice), then indicate your choice by sending an RSVP email to Kent. Note: If there is duplication, we will negotiate with you by email and ask you to bring something else. We'll post who is bringing what on this website so that you can see what has already been chosen.

**Salad to share--Linda and John (tomato/cucumber) Theresa

**Ready-to-go-on pizza toppings to share. Choose as many as you wish based on the list, or come up with your own suggestions:

pepperoni--Linda and John

sausage (crumbled and pre-cooked)--

artichoke hearts--Cynthia

caramelized onions--

pesto--Christa and Dave

fresh mozzarella, sliced--Christa and Dave

goat cheese----Christa and Dave

sliced mushrooms--Susan and Michael

spinach--Sean and Sara


roasted peppers (jar is fine)--Susan and Michael

bell pepper--Sean and Sara


roasted garlic--

sliced garlic onions--Sean and Sara

sun dried tomatoes--Christa and Dave

sliced olives--Susan and Michael

fresh basil leaves--Linda and John


Canadian Bacon-Thersa

proscutto--Christa and Dave


We look forward to seeing you!

Cyndi and Kent